Find out your Health IQ score

Find out your Health IQ score

Find out your Health IQ score

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Tweaking by Rowena J Ronson

We seek help when we are struggling, when we feel stuck and are unable to move ourselves out of a groove. We might be looking for answers that we are unable to find by just being in conversation with ourselves, or those close to us. We could be looking for a sounding board; an objective soul to correspond with – to trust – to open to – who might be able to shed some light on the inner workings of our mind. That same mind that creates the irrational and unpredictable emotions we are feeling, the incongruent and confusing thoughts that repeatedly circle, and the resulting limiting patters of behaviours that we play out in what we experience as our monotonous daily lives at those times.

Therapists of all disciplines create opportunities for interventions with their clients. This is what we are unconsciously asking them to do when we visit and confide in them. And it is the therapist’s privilege to watch closely, listen intently, hold us safely and guide us through a transformational process, which we hope will result in an instigation of change.

When a seeker shares their story with me, I surrender myself to the time and space and I am fully present. It is an unusual kind of presence in which my own self is absent. The space I hold is purely for the storyteller. The energy between us inspires, interacts, encourages, nurtures, tracks … and creates the opportunity for change. And the change occurs partly through a process I call ‘Tweaking’.

More on this subject in blogs to come…

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