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The Fly

Rowena J Ronson revisits a classic shocker and finds a lesson we can apply to our journey through life. While watching again David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986), after nearly 30 years since its release, the gory bits did still have similar shocking effect. But what struck me the most this time, and from the perspective…

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Blue is the Warmest Colour

Rowena J Ronson delights in the total intimacy of one of 2013’s most emotion-packed movies. I happened to see the trailer of the new award-winning French film Blue Is The Warmest Color and those few moments were enough for me to immediately book a seat and take myself off to London’s old and characterful Phoenix…

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Cast Away

Rowena J Ronson draws parallels between the movie Cast Away (2000) and the lives of all of us  I see many patients who have been living out their own version of Cast Away; they are lost at sea, on an isolated island, with no hope of ever returning to anything close to their normal existence.…

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Rowena J Ronson sees the movie Rush (2013) and wonders where you will draw your line…  Ron Howard’s new film Rush (2013) reminded me of how I so do not live for the adrenaline rush. In fact, just watching Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth play Niki Lauda and James Hunt preparing for their Formula 1…

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Rowena J Ronson analyses the movie WWZ (2013) with a focus on the health of humanity…. Spoiler alert! So our next world war will be an inside job, according to Hollywood 2013. It will not be caused by economics, politics or religion. It won’t be sparked off by a dictator, and it will not involve…

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