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Tomorrow’s Men by Sarah Ryan

By Rowena Ronson | January 18, 2019

The poem below is written by an awesome mother I coach about life, health and all sorts. It is as wonderful as she is. Image: We Are All Connected by RJR Tomorrow’s Men – written for my boys By Sarah Ryan A boy falls in the playground, Scrambling to his feet. “I took it like…

Looking Back Moving Forward – book feedback

By Rowena Ronson | January 18, 2019

  “Thank you so much for the copy of your book – a blast from the past, and lovely to see that so many of the amazing teachers I’ve been lucky enough to learn from are included: the lovely Martin Miles, the always challenging Robert Davidson, fabulous and much-missed Jerome Whitney, Linda Razzell, Jeremy Sherr,…

I’ve come to realise that there is more to life than what you look like on instagram

By Rowena Ronson | January 15, 2019

A totally wonderful young lady of 18, with whom I have the great honour – and pleasure – to be working with, wrote this and read it to me in our session last week. She is so inspiring that I asked her permission if I could share her words with you. Go girl! Image: Unfurling…

Testimonial from mother of 17 year old girl who was suffering from anxiety

By Rowena Ronson | November 19, 2018

After a recommendation, we met with Rowena as my 17 year old daughter was suffering with anxiety and, as her Mother, I was struggling to help her. Rowena’s approach was gentle, caring and nurturing and she encouraged my daughter to open up and discuss how she was feeling. The sessions spent with Rowena helped my…

Testimonial from A Teenage Girl Who Had The Worst OCD Imaginable

By Rowena Ronson | November 7, 2018

Before I came to see Rowena I would be in a constant state of boredom and hyperactiveness, which were complete opposites and I was extremely confused with my life. My OCD was controlling me more than I could have ever imagined and I didn’t realise how much of my life I was missing because of…

Looking Back Moving Forward book review

By Rowena Ronson | October 27, 2018

The book arrived over a week ago, and very much appreciated! It’s been a pleasure dipping into it: really exciting project – it must have been great fun to visit and interview all these fascinating people.  Delighted to read the interview with Nicky Pool, and so many others teachers I’ve either been taught by or…

Functional Medicine Testimonial

By Rowena Ronson | October 27, 2018

My name is Holly, I came to Rowena to discuss ongoing problems with my bowel movements, strong bloating and pain. We came to the conclusion that a GI Map would be the best course of action to move forward. I, at first, was a bit hesitant because of the price of the test but thought…

Talking About Baggage by Nigel Summerley and Rowena J Ronson

By Rowena Ronson | June 12, 2018

Talking About Baggage Top Heavy by RJR   NS: Someone told me recently that a prospective date had asked them: ‘Do you have any baggage?’ My first thought is that we all have what is referred to as ‘baggage’, ie stuff from the past that has played a role in making us what we are,…

Interview with the late Martin Miles, genius homeopath, spiritual teacher – forever inspirer

By Rowena Ronson | May 2, 2018

An Interview with MARTIN MILES Image: Daisy Chain – “Always Connected” (Taken from Looking Back Moving Forward by Rowena J Ronson, Food for Thought Publications, 2007) I braved the M25 eastbound through the Dartford Tunnel for my interview with Martin Miles on Monday 27 June 2005. I had made his acquaintance at a postgraduate seminar on…