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WHO REALLY CARES? by Nigel Summerley, photograph by Rowena J Ronson

WHO REALLY CARES Nigel Summerley Savour by Rowena J Ronson “Time is not on our side,” says UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in something of an understatement, since he is talking about the survival of human beings on this planet. The world faces “irreversible” damage if most of our electricity is not produced from low-carbon sources by…

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Half Measures by Nigel Summerley, photograph by Rowena J Ronson

Half Measures by Nigel Summerley A suggestion to work towards making half of our planet a protected area for wildlife might sound like the slightly bonkers idealism of some teenage eco-warrior. But the proposal comes from the renowned Harvard scientist Dr E O Wilson. And he’s 85. So has he perhaps lost the plot? It doesn’t…

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Talking About The Floods

Talking About The Floods NS: It seems that people have always read some significance into natural phenomena – and in particular, major events such as hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. Most commonly, it has been felt that these were signs of some divine displeasure. And in more recent times, they may have been seen as the…

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IN SEARCH OF CIVILISATION by Nigel Summerley What is a sure sign of civilisation? Might it be the rule of law? The creation of beautiful buildings? The composition of great music? Or might it be the production of vast quantities of garbage? That appears to be the view from the University of Warwick, where astronomer…

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