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Looking Back Moving Forward – book feedback

  “Thank you so much for the copy of your book – a blast from the past, and lovely to see that so many of the amazing teachers I’ve been lucky enough to learn from are included: the lovely Martin Miles, the always challenging Robert Davidson, fabulous and much-missed Jerome Whitney, Linda Razzell, Jeremy Sherr,…

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Reflections on The Double by Rowena J Ronson

Reflections on The Double by Rowena J Ronson The Double (2013), directed by Richard Ayoade and written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky over 150 years ago, asks of us a very relevant question, even now. If you feel you are living the life of Pinocchio, and your wish is to be ‘a real boy’ (or girl), what…

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Reflections on ‘The Book Thief’ by Rowena J Ronson

I have not been so emotionally charged by a film in a long time, so full marks for The Book Thief (2014), as it delivered as powerful an impact as reading the book itself several years ago. Watching the Nazis burning books before their energy turned towards actually killing the Jews, was a reminder of that…

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The Reason I Jump

Nigel Summerley reviews an extraordinary book by a remarkable author What does it take to have a fresh and insightful view of the world? Perhaps a condition that the majority of us regard as “abnormal”. ‘The Reason I Jump’ (Sceptre, 2013) is a beautiful little book, written in the most arduous and difficult circumstances by…

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